• It uses the Bible as it is written with an emphasis on memorizing and meditating on Scripture.

  • It is both in-depth and thematic in that it typically follows biblical characters and events as presented chronologically in Scripture.

  • It’s a multi-sensory learning style, allowing participants to hear, see, and experience Scripture.

  • It’s a powerful communication tool that crosses cultures and languages.

  • It emphasizes Biblical application of the truth in each individual’s life.

  • It’s a highly interactive teaching and discovery process allowing participants in a group environment to remember what they have engaged in.

Spoken CBS methodology and materials were developed in close collaboration with Spoken Worldwide, a global organization with deep expertise and years of experience “delivering the truth where written words cannot go. “It reaches those who learn through means other than the written word.”

Please join us in praying for the Lord’s guidance in exploring and providing this new method of making CBS Bible Study available to all!

Antti Ronkainen