… or how the Bible transforms and saves lives.

A few weeks ago a new member was heard to say over coffee after the meeting. “I don’t know Jesus the way the speaker has been saying”. The lady sitting next to her said “Do you want to?” She now shares our study in a life changing way, contributing a fresh dimension of spirituality benefiting the whole group. Roy Wadsworth, Easingwold York

Dorothy’s story

After becoming a Christian, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of Biblical truths.  I prayed to God to show me how I could improve my knowledge. Soon afterwards Anthea, the CBS group leader asked if I was interested in joining them. Answer to prayer indeed! I have learned so much since then and now lead a group myself! Dorothy Bennifer, Leicester Braunstone

God’s Love in a Group

For quite some time now, I have been very aware that I dont know the Bible as much as I feel I should. Yes, I read it, but not often enough, and recently it came to me that in order to further my journey with Jesus, I really must get down to more detailed learning of His word. So I joined Community Bible study, not knowing what to expect. I felt at ease in the first week. It is amazing to hear all the different views on the passage we are studying. I am among friends who can teach me so much, and I thank God for His love in a group.

Pam’s Story

I have been a Christian for many years but whilst working full time I was not really growing in my faith. Since joining a CBS class, my understanding of the Bible has really grown; I now lead a group and am so pleased to be able to share my understanding with others. Pam Butler, Leicester Braunstone

Barbara’s Story

I am profoundly deaf. When I started CBS three and a half years ago I was very unsure if I would be able to cope with the study and doing the homework. I didn’t know anyone in the area and at one point I nearly turned and left, but Jane and Nicky encouraged me to stay and try it. Now I have more confidence and more friends who are deaf aware. Since starting CBS my understanding of Jesus has grown, for when we say the Lord’s Prayer, forgive those who trespass against us, I know it means forgive them! It has helped me to move on with things. Jesus has led me to CBS. CBS has contributed to my confidence growing by encouraging and supporting me when I am troubled and need to talk with someone. Barbara Clarke, Dunholme Day Class, Lincoln