Do you want to start a Bible Study in your Community or are you looking for new material for your Bible Study group?

Our small group Bible Study booklets are an excellent tool and are useful for using with existing groups, for discipleship for reaching out into your community and for ‘after Alpha’.

There are questions geared to all levels of knowledge and maturity. All studies are geared to life application and transformation.

All are priced at £3.99 each, with leaders guides at £2.99

The booklets use our unique four way system of home study, group discussion, wrap up talk and commentary to provide each participant with the benefit of a chance to listen, speak, read and write using all types of learning styles.

The leaders guides explain how to run your group and suggest a suitable wrap up talk for each week.

Studies are 10-12 weeks. Titles include…

God’s Amazing Book

A study encompassing the whole Bible, starting with an explanation of the Bible, this wonderful study leads the participant through the different sections in the Old and The New Testaments, culminating in the final section which leads the participant into an understanding that God is Love and that the whole of Scripture points to Jesus.


A wonderfully practical book to study, challenging in a very down to earth way, this study looks at such questions as Faith and Life, Faith in Society, Faith and the human tongue, faith and the human struggle and faith and practice.

1 John

Johns letter is tender, reassuring, affectionate and practical. This study looks at The Word among us, Walking in the light, Evidences of New Life, God’s Love Personified, Truth and Error and Faith and its certanties.


Ephesians is one of the easiest of Paul’s letters to outline because of the logic of his approach. Paul explains the believer’s position in Christ and the riches of the calling to be part of the body of Christ. This study looks at God’s purpose and Power, Regeneration and Reconciliation, The mystery of the gospel, the unity of the church, living in the light, Christians Relationships and The Christians Armour


Two women that have books of the Bible named after them. Both quite different characters, but used by God powerfully throughout the generations.

Ruth is a beautiful pastoral story, a literary gem. During the chaotic period of the Judges, this is a story or a families faithfulness to God. Two cultures were united in marriage – a Jew and a Gentile- to become ancestors of David from whose line Jesus would come.

Esther was a woman born ‘for such a time as this’. At a time when the newly rebuilt Temple was being dedicated, Esther found herself in a unique situation and was able to save her people in a very courageous way.

Both books show us that God’s plan could not be thwarted and the study interacts with History to show how God never leaves Himself without a witness.


Job is a challenging book and tells of one mans struggle to comprehend how the goodness of God relates to his own suffering. The study will relate to many issues in our contemporary society and looks at such subjects as Trials and Testings, Bad advice and Unfair Accusations, What happens when God speaks and Job learning the truth about God. The incredible poetry and powerful imagery in this book spans eternal truths


Joshua had a huge task. To follow Moses leadership and lead the people to the promised land. He was a man with human imperfections, yet God used him powerfully. This study looks at Faith and Worship, Trust and Victory, Justice and Power, Obedience and Peace and Loving and Honouring God.