Spoken CBS verbally presents Bible story narratives, along with a series of questions and mnemonic tools (pictures, gestures, themes).
These take the participant from discovery to in-depth study, to practical application, and onward to life transformation.
The simplicity of the model is its strength.
You can watch a short example of a Spoken story here.
Why Spoken?
An honest assessment of those who are oral-reliant (they cannot read) or oral-preferred (they can read, but strongly prefer oral-only communication) reveals a dramatic reality: somewhere between 70 percent and 80 percent of the world’s population are oral learners (nearly 6 billion people). Of those more than half are in unreached people groups.
What are we doing?
Taster sessions and training sessions are available in Europe.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning to train to use Spoken CBS.
What do they say about the training?

I think you all did an amazing job. I loved the way you all told the stories and hope to be comfortable enough soon to tell one (start small) as enthusiastically soon.

It was such a blessing to meet and make connections with brothers & sisters all over the world! I have people- names, faces, places, ministries… to keep in my prayers! ‘I thank my GOD every time I remember you.’