The word Bible simply means ‘book’. This is no ordinary book, it has appealed to people from every tribe and nation throughout the ages. No other book has so changed individuals and transformed societies.

The Bible is actually a collection of 66 books, written over a span of more than 1500 years, with at least 40 different authors from different countries, social levels and occupations – yet this book has a unity and cohesion that leaves only one logical explanation: God is the author of this book. Of all the inspired books ever written, only this book can claim with credibility to be the fully inspired Word of God.

This sample lesson will give you an insight into CBSI’s approach to Bible study.

1. Home Study

Before you look at the questions, take a moment to ask God, in prayer, to help you understand what you’re reading. Then answer the questions to the best of your ability; this is not always easy to do but do not be concerned. Sharing and discussing your answers in your group will be helpful as will the talk that follows. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you the truths of God’s Word as you honestly and diligently seek Him.

Download the Home Study questions

2. Group Discussion

Share and discuss your insights in a relaxed and caring environment.

3. The Talk

Hear a life-transforming talk that will bring out the truth from the lesson and its life application.

Listen to the talk here:

4. Commentary

Read a specially prepared commentary.

Download the Commentary

5. Caring

Everyone should be able to share their thoughts in an environment where they feel confident, comfortable and cared for.


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