Sven Lowenmark has 3 children.? His wife Anna does CBS for children in their church alternate Sunday mornings.?The other Sundays she leads worship in their church in Grabo, north of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Boys enjoying CBS!

There are nine children in the CBS group and they love it so much that they call it ?Christmas every other week?.? Anna has done an amazing job at making it fun with a treasure bag, a story box, an attendance jar with rewards and two bells to hit when you want to answer a question.? The boys?(ages 8-14 love learning the Bible in this fun way.? Some grandparents who attend another church bring their grandchildren to this class so they can benefit from the excellent Bible lessons.


Sven helps the boys answer their questions at home during the week.?His boys want to read the Bible now and they love the challenge the questions give them.? Sven sees that it is easy to expect too little of his boys but with the CBS some of the questions are difficult for the children to answer and so they have great discussions at home before they even discuss it among their peers at church!? The questions help the children to think about what they are reading and help them understand the text of the Bible so much better.? Sven says: ?I want my children to be followers of Jesus.? CBS lessons help me disciple my children.?

Have you considered using CBS Children and Youth materials?? They are available for ages?0-18!

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