Gerdien wanted to speak to me after the CBS Bible study.  She is one of the leaders in my group and is also involved in many other ministries for evangelism and discipleship in her local church.  Her husband is getting older and not doing so well and she felt like she had too much going on and her head “always felt full”.  We decided that a six-month break was a good idea to stop doing everything she is doing so she could take care of her husband and herself.  We prayed together and she went on her way.

During the next week she went for a walk in the nearby woods.   She felt like there was a huge storm in her head.  She decided to pray: “Lord, you stilled the storm on the sea of Galilee, can you also please still the storm in my head right now?”  Guess what?  The storm in her head suddenly became completely still!  She was amazed herself and shared this miracle with a member of our group who shared it with us the next week.

Gerdien now wants to start a new CBS group in her house in her town.  She already has 4 ladies who will join her in September. God not only calms the storms but also He directs our paths and creates new waves of desire for us in accordance with His perfect plan.

Margré Hays