The pandemic has changed my view of grandparenting and discipling!  My husband and I are missionaries in The Netherlands, but our seven grandchildren live in the North America. FaceTime makes it possible to talk to them occasionally but is limited: our worlds are far apart and their screen attention span is limited.  So then, how can we disciple your grandchildren when they live across an ocean?

One day, I realised that I’m doing CBS online with adults who live far away from me even 9 hours’ time zone difference!   Why would I not do the same with my grandchildren?  I talked to our daughter and asked permission to do Bible study with Wenonah and Alijah online.  They were then 9 and 11 years old.  I decided to start with the book of Matthew.  The girls were excited about doing this with their Grandma. We have had fun memorising the Bible verses together and learning what it means to follow and obey Jesus more and more.  We laugh at each other’s drawings, we play games, we sing songs and pray for each other’s needs.  Their younger brother comes peeping in several times during the group time and keeps asking when he is allowed to join.   Good to have them wanting it!

One day Grandma was in the CBS group online in Kyrgyzstan and one of the ladies asked if we knew anyone in the USA who was willing to be a pen-pal to her neighbour’s daughter who is 10.  Of course, I asked Wenonah and explained that telling Bible stories in English is a good way to help people learn about God and learn English at the same time.  She has been sending me her messages and she is now being an amazing little missionary overseas!

Another time I was telling fellow grandparents about my Bible study with my grandchildren far away, and they asked if they could do it from Croatia with their grandchildren who live in Canada. I’ve trained them and they started Matthew with their grandchildren.  Then another grandmother said that her grandchildren live 9 nine hours away, and she asked if she could do it with her grandchildren!  We now have a learning community with grandparents who want to disciple their grandchildren in a special way with CBS materials.  Praise the Lord for CBS Children and Youth ministry!  And praise the Lord for great materials to disciple our grandchildren!