Level 4 – Our Senior Youth curriculum uses the same material as adults (our Global Adult series) and consists of systematic studies from the Old and New Testaments. The material in Level 4-Senior Youth runs in parallel with Level 2-Primary, Level 3-Youth and our Global Adult series allowing the whole family or the church family to be engaged in studying the same book of the Bible together.

The essential elements of a Level 4-Senior Youth class are:

  • The senior youth use the home study questions to help them investigate and reflect on the Bible themselves. Questions are divided helpfully into days so as to help them develop good devotional reading habits.

  • A discussion takes place in a lively forum where they are encouraged to share what God has been saying through the passage, respecting each other’s different opinions and experiences. The discussion is then followed by

  • A short talk which challenges the group focusing on the main application of the passage.

  • A two-page commentary to read at home helpfully deepens the study and draws out the application.

  • An atmosphere of acceptance, caring and love lead the participants to Christ’s love for them as they do life together and see how we all fit into God’s advancing kingdom.

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