Level 3 – Our Youth curriculum consists of systematic studies from the Old and New Testaments. The material in Level 3-Youth runs in parallel with Level 2-Primary, Level 4-Senior Youth and Global Adult materials allowing the whole family or the church family to be engaged in studying the same book of the Bible together.

The essential elements for the Level 3-Youth are:

  • The young people use the home study questions to help them engage with the Bible themselves.

  • A discussion takes place in a lively forum where they are encouraged to share what God has been saying through the passage. This is followed by

  • A short talk which headlines the main application of the passage.

  • Prayer and learning verses by memory are important elements.

  • An atmosphere of love and care makes learning easy and fun.

The leader’s guide offers additional optional activities and games which help the young people form a positive group dynamic and a model short talk.

Our goal in Level 3-Youth is to provide a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for young people to discuss the Bible so they can build a foundation for life on God’s Word and become confident in Him through the transitions of life. We aim to equip them to discover God’s Word for themselves so they can apply the truth to real-life situations. It is our prayer that their beliefs will be based on biblical truth rather than on secular reasoning.

The teenage years especially are a time of transition, a time of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual change. Beliefs which will affect the rest of life are challenged or formed during these years. Our desire is that these years are not just a time of transition, but also a time of transformation through the Word of God.

What young people say:

Rhiannon says: ‘I like being together. Helps me understand things in the Bible and that helps me to pray and be more confident.’

Reuben says: ‘I like the questions as it tests how much I know about the Bible and God.’

Luke says: ‘When we get into the reading this gives me good messages and teaches me good morals.’

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