Level 2 – Our Primary curriculum consists of systematic studies from books of the Old and New Testaments designed to be used by very early readers or by early readers.

Level 2 (primary) run in parallel with Level 3-Youth, Level 4-Senior Youth and Global Adult materials allowing the whole family or the church family to be engaged in studying the same book of the Bible together.

The essential elements of a Level 2 (primary) class are:

  • Home study questions for the children to engage with the Bible for themselves. This allows the children to be taught by the Holy Spirit as they focus on the meaning of the Scripture passage.

  • Guided class discussion based on the home study questions where they discover together what God is saying through the passage.

  • A short talk which aims to apply the passage of Scripture to the children’s lives.

  • Learning a memory verse and prayer are vital elements.

  • An atmosphere of love and care makes learning easy and fun.

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