A Celebration of Love

I have been thinking about the beauty of Christmas time and what wonderful traditions we have built up around Christmas. Christmas traditions are a bit like the petals on a rose. A rose is beautiful because it has many, many layers of soft, velvety petals, and Christmas is beautiful because it has so many layers

Don’t be a Commentary Junkie

By Ryan Higginbottom Darren Larson (2006),?Creative Commons License Let?s be honest: a good Bible commentary is?awesome. A scholar spends years studying a book of the Bible, gathering wisdom both from centuries of Christian history and from his own encounters with God in his Word. Then?you?get a chance to peek over his shoulder! Commentaries can be

Give Thanks!

My family and I had an opportunity to spend two Thanksgiving Holidays in the United States while we lived there as a family for almost two years. After returning to Finland, I have missed this great holiday. So to all our North American friends; “Happy Thanksgiving!” The Bible encourages us to be thankful: Oh give

A Hunger Satisfied

Margr? Hays writes: Sometimes when you do Christian ministry there is little encouragement.? But today I received an email from a former professional athlete involved in a CBS Bible study group in Belgrade, Serbia. She writes… “Before I came to CBS Bible study, I was hungry for more of God but I felt like I

Why Bother With the Bible?

It?s an important question. And, writing for TGC Africa, Sike Osinuga?claims that being a Christian without the Bible is like playing soccer without a ball. Such a situation is unseemly not to mention unlikely yet it serves as a metaphor for Christianity throughout Africa. Though it is unthinkable that a game of soccer would kick

How to Use the Law Properly

How can we understand Old Testament Law properly? Colin Smith has a stimulating piece at Unlocking the Bible about how to use the Old Testament law properly. According to 1 Tim 1:7-8, the Old Testament law is good?if we use it properly. So how do we do that? Smith first proposes a few negatives: Don?t