Pray for Ukraine!

Community Bible Study has been serving in Ukraine for many years. We have hundreds of CBS group members in the midst of the war. Please pray for them. Please remember also to pray for the CBS family on the other side of the conflict. They are suffering, too. A. Please pray for peace for Ukraine

Disciple your Grandchildren!

The pandemic has changed my view of grandparenting and discipling!  My husband and I are missionaries in The Netherlands, but our seven grandchildren live in the North America. FaceTime makes it possible to talk to them occasionally but is limited: our worlds are far apart and their screen attention span is limited.  So then, how

Why Is Spoken CBS Effective?

It uses the Bible as it is written with an emphasis on memorizing and meditating on Scripture. It is both in-depth and thematic in that it typically follows biblical characters and events as presented chronologically in Scripture. It’s a multi-sensory learning style, allowing participants to hear, see, and experience Scripture. It’s a powerful communication tool

Back to the Bible

Margo had gone through three divorces so moved to another town.  There was a Christian book shop in this town and she decided to buy a Bible there. Her grandfather had taken her to a church service when she was a little girl. She remembered that she was happy being in the church so she


I have been looking for the Bible study group for a while. There are very many Bible study groups and churches in UK – however I could not initially find the one that would really work for me!  Then I found Community Bible Study.  I liked the format of  CBS because from the original sign-up

Fostering disciples!

My husband Peter and I had a wonderful marriage, 4 beautiful biological children and we wanted to help children that were not so fortunate to grow up in a peaceful and safe home. Seven years ago, a lanky beautiful 12-year-old boy, Marcus, came to live with us for 3 months. He was upset to have

Bible Study? No thanks

I was blown away! What, Bible study? It didn’t sound very exciting and my expectations were modest to say the least…  but I was blown away! My church, Eglise Imagin’, Nice, France started a thirty week CBS course on the Gospel of Luke on Thursday evenings. A dozen of us met regularly and everybody really