I have been looking for the Bible study group for a while. There are very many Bible study groups and churches in UK – however I could not initially find the one that would really work for me!  Then I found Community Bible Study.  I liked the format of  CBS because from the original sign-up

Fostering disciples!

My husband Peter and I had a wonderful marriage, 4 beautiful biological children and we wanted to help children that were not so fortunate to grow up in a peaceful and safe home. Seven years ago, a lanky beautiful 12-year-old boy, Marcus, came to live with us for 3 months. He was upset to have

Bible Study? No thanks

I was blown away! What, Bible study? It didn’t sound very exciting and my expectations were modest to say the least…  but I was blown away! My church, Eglise Imagin’, Nice, France started a thirty week CBS course on the Gospel of Luke on Thursday evenings. A dozen of us met regularly and everybody really

Personal Shepherd!

Sometimes, I get calls from the bank where I hold my account.  The purpose of the call is to introduce me to a ‘Personal Banker’ who will take care of all my banking and financial management.  In the last two decades, I have not availed a single service from the so-called ‘personal banker’.  Sports professionals

Superstition and a Sovereign God

Christmas stars are popular. Many children like to have big, colourful stars in their homes for Christmas. Wise men and kings from the East came to worship Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 2:1-12). One tradition assumes there were three as three gifts are named; other traditions think there were 12 or even more.  According to one

Priests, Kings and Wise Men

Matthew records that the wise men came in search of the new-born King following a star. (Matthew 2:1-12) In the narrative, we can see three kinds of responses: 1) Apathetic religious leaders: The Wise men reached Jerusalem unannounced and unscheduled, creating a commotion in Jerusalem.  When Herod heard that a special or unique child was

Prepare, Partner and Partake

In the Christmas narrative in the gospels, angels appeared at least three times. The first one was a private appearance to Zachariah that became public immediately (Luke 1:11-17), the second was also private and to Mary (Luke 1:26-38) and it was not disclosed immediately, the third was public and it was acted upon immediately by

No Room!

Humanity had perpetually rejected the God who created, sustained and loved them. It was abundantly clear in Bethlehem when Joseph and Mary arrived with the baby imminent (Luke 2:7). Joseph did not have a room booking app on his smartphone to reserve a place in advance in a hotel. Hospitality to strangers was a noble