A Hunger Satisfied

Margré Hays writes: Sometimes when you do Christian ministry there is little encouragement.  But today I received an email from a former professional athlete involved in a CBS Bible study group in Belgrade, Serbia. She writes… “Before I came to CBS Bible study, I was hungry for more of God but I felt like I

Why Bother With the Bible?

It’s an important question. And, writing for TGC Africa, Sike Osinuga claims that being a Christian without the Bible is like playing soccer without a ball. Such a situation is unseemly not to mention unlikely yet it serves as a metaphor for Christianity throughout Africa. Though it is unthinkable that a game of soccer would kick

How to Use the Law Properly

How can we understand Old Testament Law properly? Colin Smith has a stimulating piece at Unlocking the Bible about how to use the Old Testament law properly. According to 1 Tim 1:7-8, the Old Testament law is good…if we use it properly. So how do we do that? Smith first proposes a few negatives: Don’t

Context Matters: Count the Cost

By Ryan Higginbottom Perhaps you’ve heard that Christians need to count the cost. They must plan and be prepared; they should always know what they’re getting into. The advice to “count the cost” often comes up when raising money for a new building or a missions trip. (Let’s color in that thermometer!) I’ve also heard

Making (child) disciples in Sweden

Sven Lowenmark has 3 children.  His wife Anna does CBS for children in their church alternate Sunday mornings. The other Sundays she leads worship in their church in Grabo, north of Gothenburg, Sweden. There are nine children in the CBS group and they love it so much that they call it “Christmas every other week”.  Anna