I was blown away! What, Bible study? It didn’t sound very exciting and my expectations were modest to say the least…  but I was blown away! My church, Eglise Imagin’, Nice, France started a thirty week CBS course on the Gospel of Luke on Thursday evenings.

A dozen of us met regularly and everybody really got stuck in. We started around a table heaped with home-made goodies (apparently not all groups do that!). Everyone contributes both food and an eagerness to learn more about God and His Word – what a blessing!

People felt free to share what they had experienced from reading the Bible through the week. This is probably the best thing about the study. By listening to everybody’s answers, I came to realise how God speaks into people’s lives as individuals, how he responds to situations, problems, and to our thanksgiving and requests. People highlighted trends and ideas in the passages which had never occurred to me before. The study and the people involved have gifted me with a totally new and refreshing vision of God’s Word. Sharing in a small group revealed to me a depth of God’s identity I had not seen before.

The personal questions are the elements that I love most about the study. Each week we were given a set of thought-provoking questions and challenges to push us further in our faith. The course didn’t only allow me to discover and study the Bible, it also challenged me to apply it in my own life. I was encouraged to consider how the Lord speaks to me and how His Word enables me to change my world – to be the difference that Jesus calls us to be (Luke 11:33).