Margré Hays writes: Sometimes when you do Christian ministry there is little encouragement.  But today I received an email from a former professional athlete involved in a CBS Bible study group in Belgrade, Serbia. She writes…

Belgrade, Serbia

“Before I came to CBS Bible study, I was hungry for more of God but I felt like I wasn’t getting fed at church.  The Word seemed dry and I couldn’t relate to it so I went searching for more.  I went to a Mums and Toddlers Bible study, but it had to stop because the kids kept getting sick.  Hungry and thirsty for more, I went to the CBS bible study in Belgrade. I would bring three boys all 5 and under; we were unofficially fostering a little boy.  The ladies were really welcoming and understanding, and I finally was able to study God’s Word.  I was reading consistently even if it was hurried and finish the questions the morning of the class!  I felt waaaaaay behind.  I thought the ladies that led the wrap-up were like theologians!  They knew all the books of the Bible, their history, who wrote them, and everything else, so I thought. “I want to know the Bible like that”. Still, I kept at it. I met some people who had a great passion for the Word of God and I prayed “Lord I want to love your Word like them. I want to love you like they do. Please help me I don’t know how.”  Slowly God began to open the Word more and more to me. I began to wake up early every morning to pray and read.

Long story short, through CBS I have studied most of the Bible now. I have grown in my relationship with Christ. God had been so faithful to teach me and mature me through this ministry and I just want to say thank you! CBS has been used by God to change my life! Now all I want to do is learn more so I can die more to my old way of doing things and really live as a new woman united with Christ.”