There are three types of Study Materials:

1. Standard

The standard study material is more in depth and has more questions per lesson than the booklet studies. It is sent via e-mail, on disc or by hard copy to the class Coordinator; this is then given out to members each week.

Standard studies have 6, 8, 12, 18 or 30 lessons depending on the study.

2. Booklets

Our small group booklet studies are an excellent tool and are useful for use with existing groups for reaching out into your community and for ‘after Alpha’. There are questions geared to all levels of knowledge and maturity.  All studies include life applications.

The booklets use our unique five-way system of Home Study, Group Discussion, Talk, Commentary and Caring to provide each participant a chance to listen, speak, read and write using all types of learning styles.

Booklet studies have 10 or 12 lessons depending on the study.

3. Global

The Global study material has been written to be easier to translate than the standard studies. They have more questions per lesson than the booklet studies but fewer than the standard studies. There are also fewer cross references to look up than the standard studies making them easier and quicker to complete so there is more time for discussion.

Global studies have 6, 12, or 30 lessons depending on the study.

All studies can be emailed or shipped. Payment is donation based.