I remember someone telling me that if we were able, we could all chart our relationship with Jesus back through the generations of people telling ‘another’ and eventually to the original disciples and then of course to Jesus Himself.

Jesus worked through teams. I am often amused when I see so many secular management books and training courses , copying Jesus’ way of building people up and sending out in twos.

In Luke 10, when Jesus send out the 70 (72) to proclaim the kingdom, he does so with attention to detail. Firstly they go in faith, they go to announce Him, He will come later.

He asks them to pray. The harvest is ready but the labourers are few, pray for more labourers Don’t take much in material terms, but take peace with you, if you are welcomed into a house, stay there, don’t move around in the neighbourhood. Eat what is set before you, wherever you go. Pray for the sick and move on if you are not welcome in a town.

What good advice for us as we work in the countries assigned to us. However, we are truly blessed to have a multitude of labourers. Not only those going but those praying and those giving. You are truly partnering with us as we seek to help people to read God’s Word and get to know Him for themselves.