Merry Christmas!

“Powerlessness is our greatest treasure. Don’t try to get rid of it. Everything in us wants to get rid of it. Grace is sufficient for you, but not something you can understand. To be in too big a hurry to get over our difficulties is a mistake because you don’t know how valuable they are

Embrace the Tension

 Jim Elliff makes an important point.  Writes Peter Krol of Knowable Word. To read Scripture rightly, we must be willing to allow each author, in each text, to make the point he wants to make. We must not be quick to harmonize its teaching with the rest of the Bible, lest we dilute or overturn the point

Hannah’s Sacrifice

I was reading 1 Samuel 1:20-28. It was one of the readings for Mother’s Day last Sunday. Everyone always talks about Hannah’s sacrifice because it was huge! I can’t imagine having to do that. It was her husband Elkanah who not only agreed, but set the boundaries in place. It was his statement at the end that struck